Birmingham, Alabama

Behind the leadership of the Malone team, EC Malone Corporation of Birmingham, AL is thriving. ECMC Birmingham just completed four contracts for St. Vincent’s hospital in downtown Birmingham.

The project, spanning over 13 months, was referred to by division manager Shawn Newton as “some of the more difficult work he has ever been associated with”.

The St. Vincent’s hospital project was truly a unique opportunity to showcase the capabilities of Malone in adverse working conditions due to logistics and tight clearance constraints on certain areas of the surface of the roof.

Despite being only 120 squares (or 12,000 square feet), the tear-off and construction took place over their surgical wing. of the facility. It was a tedious process considering the project included tearing off the roof system and the light-weight concrete decking over the structural concrete area.

Once the material was torn away, it had to be moved 250 feet, dropped through a chute four floors to the second floor, hand-carried on carts across another 150 of the roof surfaces, down another floor, before finally disposed of in our tear-off container.

The project was staged at the only location it could be, in the very same single lane entrance and exit for the St. Vincent’s emergency room. The staging location required a daily coordinated effort between Malone and emergency personnel and ambulance services that accessed the temporary construction zone.

In addition to staging challenges, let us not forget that the roof construction took place over the surgery center of St. Vincent’s. The hospital performed most of their surgeries between 6 and 10 a.m.

Due to the Malone crews being unable to make noise during surgical hours, our crews split into a pre-dawn and after 10 a.m. shift. Malone kept the surgical center 100% dry and performed with “ZERO” interruptions to their surgical clients (which was the No. 1 priority of Malone after the safety of everyone involved).

Because of the success of the St. Vincent’s project, including the game plan, professionalism, and communication of the Malone staff, this project continues to open doors for similar and larger projects throughout the region to this present day.