Our company did this project as a fast-paced design/build project in under 90 days. This project is listed with the MS Department of Archives and History and our architect assisted us thru the historical approval process.

Although we had to match historical details, we did so in a manner that would provide a long-term weathertightness solution to the Owner.

The scope of work consisted of removing and replacing a copper flat seam metal roof at a dome and a cupola and refurbishing a historic spire.

The copper domes also had 4 dormers that had to be replaced with custom cornices to match the existing. The main roof of the courthouse had a custom standing seam roof with 10’ long panels that were staggered.


The most challenging part of this project was the access to the copper domes and cupolas. We worked with a scaffolding company to engineer and erect a scaffolding system that would provide for safe access and egress to the building as well as the hard to reach work areas.

This scaffold system had to be carefully thought out to not overload the existing historic wood framed structure. One of our most proud features is the historic clock on four sides of the dome.

This clock has not worked in many years and while discussing the project with the Owner, they often mentioned how they wished they could have a working clock again.

We decided as a gift to the Owner to seek out and find a company that could get their clock fixed and at no expense to the Owner.

We also upgraded it to have digital controls for electronic changes at their convenience.