Clinton, MS

The Malone Metal Wall Panel Division continues to finish beautiful projects month after month including the completion of the employee training facility at the new Continental Tire Plant just west of Clinton, MS.

As a variation from the standard 4 mm composite aluminum panels, the Continental Tire employee training facility used 6 mm composite aluminum panels. The panels ranged in sizes from 8-feet, to 12-feet, to 16-feet panels. All the panels were 36-inches in height. Also, with the increase in panel thickness, the weight of each panel increased significantly. Therefore, Malone brought in more equipment and a larger workforce to handle the job.

What makes this project even more incredible is that the building is fully clad in the composite aluminum panels. Typically, Malone panel systems have a ½ inch reveal, this project used a 1-inch reveal.

Continental and Malone were both committed to maintaining the 1-inch reveal. Remember, tolerance levels vary from trade to trade as to what constitutes a building being square, safe, and fully functional. However, metal panels are a very rigid product that can take longer to install depending on the imperfections of the building and window openings.

Furthermore, the architects designed the building to be clad with a fire rated panel system outfitted behind the fire rated panel with 1 ½ inches of mineral wool fire batt insulation.

Malone prides itself on working in a transparent process. Larger panels, heavier panels, tolerance levels in the building being square are factors that can affect the schedule of any metal wall panel project.

Malone continues to improve its communication with our clients to be keep our projects on schedule and within budget. By communicating how variations in standard installations can change budgets and lengthen execution, Malone is better able to set expectations and exceed them.

Once again, Malone rose to the highest of standards they continually set for themselves, as well as those set forth by an international company like Continental Tire.


28,000 Feet of raw materials to fabricate panels

15,200 Square feet of face material on the project

13,500 Linear feet of extrusions for panel support

600 Over 600 Panels on the job