Jackson, MS

Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, the Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH) and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) have strived to be as prepared as possible for a natural or man-made disaster.

According to their website, The Mississippi Center for Emergency Services was created to expand Mississippi’s ability to maintain medical services during unanticipated events across Mississippi. E. Cornell Malone Corporation’s roofing and metal divisions were able to help this project come to life.

First, let’s take a look at this project from the roofing side. Malone roofers loose laid two layers of 2.2” ISO, then mechanically attached a 19/32” OSB cover board.

Next, crews installed a Mid-States Quick-Stik High Temp self-adhered underlayment followed by a Petersen Aluminum 16” wide .040 High Snap-On Standing Seam roof panel with offset splices in the middle of the panels. Since the roof is 160-feet long, these were no small panels.

Each panel was 80-feet long, and was spliced, assembled and staggered along the surface all while remaining water tight. It was a delicate and tedious step that was necessitated due to expansion and contraction on the roof’s surface.

Our team followed standard OSHA guidelines throughout the project and concluded installation in April of 2020.

The Malone wall panel division was also a critical element of this project. Our crews furnished and installed 20,000 square feet of HWP-16, 1,600 sf of HWP 16 (Perforated), 6,000 square feet of B-2 Highline,12,000 square feet of M-36, and 2,150 square feet of 12″ Flush Panel.

All the panels were manufactured by Petersen Aluminum, in 6 different colors as well as 350 square feet of Citadel 4 mm ACM Wall Panels.

The project began on March 16, 2019 and was completed on March 16, 2020. Our crews worked out of man lifts on the project while following all safety protocols. All ACM panels and flashings were fabricated by E. Cornell Malone Corporation.

Since 2020, the Center for Emergency Services has occupied it’s new building to better serve the emergency needs of Mississippians. The facility is home to all UMMC Critical Care transport services, Public Safety Support and Mississippi Med-com. Malone was honored to be selected to work on this project.