Durable Resysta Comes To The Area

Complexity, variety, workability and flexibility are just a few of the words to describe the exciting project at Pinelake church. On projects like Pinelake, Malone continues to prove ourselves as a great teammate by providing the expertise and flexibility to get the job done correctly, on budget and on schedule. The project was completed on July 7, 2019.

The excitement and anticipation of Pinelake church was, in part, due to the application of a material that was new to the architect in this hot and humid climate. The Malone team installed 15,000 square feet of “Pale Golden” Resysta material.

Resysta is extremely durable material, resistant to sun, rain, frost and even salt water. It consists of 60% rice husks, 22% common salt and 18% mineral oil and maintains the visual appearance of wood. Malone also installed 2,000 square feet (or 131 panels) of ACM 4mm panels with the custom color “Lead Cote”.

In addition, we executed the delivery of services for 7,000 square feet of concealed fastener “Lead Cote” metal wall panels, 1,500 square feet flush “Lead Cote” soffit panels and steel framing at vision screen. One point of emphasis on the soffit panels was the attention to detail that our crews gave to the front canopy. Malone took the initiative to not just run the joint straight across, and by taking the time to stagger it, rendering it like real wood.

Throughout the project, Pinelake church remained open to the congregation daily. This meant that the Malone team maintained stringent standards of cleanliness and safety while making sure the job site was returned to prior condition daily.

The responsibilities of the facility every Wednesday night also meant that the crew tightened their work schedule to account for half workdays on Wednesdays. As always, the safety plans and considerations were discussed and agreed upon by all parties. The project completed with no safety issues and perfect execution of the safety plan.