The WestRock No. 5 Paper Machine project was a diverse, challenging and complex project that focused on the rehabilitation of the facilities roof and trusses.

Our Company was a subcontractor to Structural Topcor, LLC. The chemical contents of the building and the high humidity of the building caused rot to the existing steel structure.

We removed pavers, single ply roofing, vapor barrier, metal decking, and roof trusses. The next step of the project involved the GC installing new sloped steel trusses, new stainless-steel roof deck, and new parapet walls.

The trusses spanned 130-feet and each bay was 18-feet wide. Our crews had to remove two bays at a time exposing a hole to the elements of 130-feet long by 36-feet wide. Each hole would be open for a month at a time.

The building could not have any water in it and operations could not be shut down, therefore, a temporary rolling roof structure was placed by the GC on existing ceiling crane rails which transported a temporary roofing system from bay to bay while the project was completed.

Also, this temporary structure had a gutter system added that would remove water to the exterior of the building. The paper machines were able to remain in full operation while construction was in progress with no safety issues.

Furthermore, we installed curbs wrapped in neoprene, new gypsum board and vapor barrier, as well as new Iso insulation and gypsum coverboard, new 2 ply modified bitumen roof that was installed in cold process.

We completed the project using new stainless-steel copings and expansion joints.

As is always the case with our company, safety was a top priority. We instituted our customary 100% tie off during the tear off of roof materials and the metal deck, as well as during the installation of the new metal deck.

Our Warning lines were 15-feet from outside edges and were utilized during installation of the new roof system. Tie off was required outside warning lines. Tie off carts and self-retractable lanyards were used for proper tie off.

The project was completed on time, on budget, with no safety issues and zero plant shutdowns on August 29, 2018.