Essential Roof Repair Services in Birmingham

Discover the difference in quality and choose Malone Roofing for your commercial roof repair in Birmingham, Alabama!

With over five decades of experience, we’re known across the southeast United States for exceptional commercial roof repair, preventative maintenance, roof replacement services, and more.

From minor leaks to major storm damage, Malone only sends you the most skilled professionals with all the know-how to get your business’s roof clear, dry, and ready for what Mother Nature throws next. Give your property the peace of mind that only comes with comprehensive roof repair service.

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Flat Roof Repair Birmingham

Don’t let a minor issue become a major disaster. Our specialized flat roof repair services not only fix problems on roofs like TPO, PVC, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, and more, but also prevent the increased threat of potential hazards, ensuring the safety of your employees and customers and the reputation of your business.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Neglected roofs can lead to costly, disruptive damages. Malone’s comprehensive roof maintenance services in Birmingham are designed to detect early signs of wear and tear, remedy them and save you from future financial strain. Without a professional set of eyes on the roof, property managers are simply hoping for the best! We can promise you that’s a losing strategy in the long run!

Commercial Roof Leak Repair

Act fast and avoid a crisis! A roof leak is more than just an inconvenience; it’s a threat to your business’s integrity and your daily operations. Businesses that respond swiftly to hazardous roof leaks with Malone’s expert leak repair services prevent structural damage to the building and extend the life of their roof.

Don’t Go Through Insurance Alone – Call Malone!

Choosing Malone Roofing means more than securing top-quality roof roof repair in Birmingham, AL; it’s about partnering with the roofers who stand by you every step of the way.

Malone’s in-house insurance claim assistance team not only improves your odds of claim approval but also works hard to ensure that you receive the full benefit your policy entitles you to.

Malone Roofing is dedicated to fighting for your financial interests as fiercely as it does for the integrity of your roof!

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Comprehensive Services Mean Complete Coverage

From leak service to full roof replacements, Malone does it all. We have the experience to guide your business through any and all roofing needs. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, Malone is in your corner!

● Comprehensive Roof Inspections
● Leak Service
● Roof Repairs
● Roof Replacements
● Insurance Claims
● Emergency Service
● Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Flat Roof Repair Birmingham

At Malone, we believe in working hard and smart, and there’s nothing smarter than extending the life of your commercial roof.

Why face the staggering costs and disruptions of a full roof replacement when timely repairs and maintenance can do the trick? Our expert roof repair service in Birmingham, AL not only keeps your roof secure and healthy, it also prevents your budget from going down the drain.

A scheduled visit once or twice a year is enough to keep your warranties current and your stress level low. See how Malone Roofing can extend the life of your roof at a fraction of the cost today!

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