When roofing emergencies occur, often property owners are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Malone should be the first number you call in the event you need emergency roofing services.

We’re spread across the Southeast so we can get to and fix your emergency roofing troubles quickly and reliably. We even have a team of insurance experts on staff ready to assist with your insurance claims.

Count on Malone Roofing when your roof needs it the most!

Effective Plans at Every Budget

Not sure what constitutes a roofing emergency? If you experience any of the following issues listed below, chances are you’ll be searching ‘emergency roof repair near me’ in short order.

● Storm Damage: rain, hail, debris, etc.
● Leaks and Water Damage
● Structural Damage
● Fire Damage
● Sudden Roof Collapse

Our Impact

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How Malone Helps

Malone Roofing has decades of experience helping get properties dry and keep them that way. Every year we respond to hundreds of severe weather systems, and we have the team and the techniques to quickly address short-term solutions like tarping while we develop a plan for long-term solutions such as emergency roof leak repair. Malone’s emergency services include the following:

● Emergency Patching & Tarping
● Professional Roof Inspection
● Permanent Roof Repair and Replacement
● Insurance Claims

Why The South Chooses Malone

The people in Jackson, Hattiesburg, Birmingham, Mobile, Pensacola, and Baton Rouge see their share of severe weather, and for 50 years they’ve trusted Malone as their emergency roofer to quickly arrive on location for emergency roof repair.

We have deep expertise in major emergency roof repair due to hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, wind, and everything in between. Our fast response and prompt service has grown our reputation as the most capable roofer in the South. When severe weather forces property owners to take action on their roof, they choose the team that’s committed to delivering the utmost quality!

Immediate Steps to Take in an Emergency

If you’re currently dealing with a roofing emergency there are a few things to know right away. Malone wants to help you any way we can. By following this list of steps to take in the event of a roofing emergency, you are helping protect your loved ones and your property as well as streamline the emergency roof repair process.

Follow these steps when your roof has been damaged by severe weather:

● Secure the Area
● Control Interior Damage
● Document Damage
● Contact Malone Roofing

By safely documenting the damage your property has incurred you help your insurance company understand the full scope of the damage. This will increase your chances of receiving insurance assistance after a storm! If you’re not sure how or what to document, contact an emergency roofer like Malone Roofing for expert insurance claim assistance.

What NOT to Do in an Emergency

Emergency roof leak repairs are dangerous work, so please do not attempt to fix your roofing woes yourself. Trust an experienced professional with all roofing work, as do-it-yourself work often voids roofing warranties. Just make sure you call a professional emergency roofer as soon as possible and prevent further damage.

● Do Not Ignore Leaks
● Do Not Attempt Major Repairs Yourself
● Do Not Wait To Call For Help

Don’t let a roofing crisis turn into a disaster. Trust the emergency roofing pros at Malone Roofing!

Our emergency response team is on standby 24/7 to provide you with swift, professional service in times when every second counts.

Act now and save your property from further damage. Give us a call at 1-833-7-MALONE.

“If you don’t know Malone, you don’t know roofing!”