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In the wake of recent hail storms affecting your area, Malone Roofing is on the frontline, ensuring your commercial property remains secure and intact.

Malone Roofing actively tracks hail storms in order to bring commercial property owners and managers immediate assistance for damaged properties, roof leaks, and other hail damage.

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Why Malone Roofing?

Decades of Expertise
Malone has over 50 years of experience safeguarding properties from severe weather with hail damage repair and replacement service.
Hail Tracking Technology
We monitor storms in real time to respond swiftly and offer expert solutions for hail-damaged roofs.
Insurance Claim Specialists
Our expert team navigates and manages the complexities of insurance claims for you so you get the coverage you deserve.

Hail Damage Repair is a Click Away! What Our Customers Say

“We are very happy with the Malone Roofing service. They performed a great quality work in replacing our roof damaged by hail storm. The workers did a good job not only while working but also cleaning up after the work was done. Lance was very friendly and helped us with all the process to complete this project which made our job easier. I would strongly recommend Malone Roofing to others!”
Niranjen, Malone Roofing Customer

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Our Impact

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Years Of Experience

Emergency Service

Comprehensive Roof Inspections

Need hail damage repair? Our hail damage and roof repair experts conduct detailed roof inspections to identify even the most subtle signs of damage. No one beats Malone Roofing when it comes to providing effective solutions for hail damaged roofs.

Act Now – Protect Your Property

Schedule a Free Inspection: Don’t wait for visible signs of damage. Book your complimentary, no-obligation roof inspection today.
Get Expert Advice: Have questions? Our team is ready to provide the answers and support you need.

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Maximize Your Insurance Coverage

Dealing with insurance can be daunting, but not with Malone Roofing by your side. Our insurance specialists are here to guide you through the entire claim process step-by-step, advocating for your property’s best interest.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

Ensure your commercial property stands strong and is ready to weather any storm. With Malone Roofing, you’re not just repairing a roof; you’re securing a future.
Don’t let hail damage derail your business. Trust Malone Roofing to bring expertise, support, and peace of mind when you need it most.

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