When occupying a commercial building – whether using it or renting it out – you have to make sure that the roof doesn’t leak.

Any leaks can seriously damage the building or the property that’s inside of it, and that could mean lawsuits and lost revenue for you or your tenants.

By selecting a competent roofing professional to inspect, report, estimate, and then properly repair those leaks to meet or exceed industry standards you will save time and money.

Roof Gauge™, created by Malone Roofing Services, includes a detailed Roof Condition Analysis with a proposal for repairs. With this Analysis, we will provide photos so that you can have a better understanding of what is in need of repair.

We then provide major and minor repairs to all types of roofing systems that meet or exceed the industry standards.

Repairs offered to meet and budget and schedule:
• Estimated Repairs
• Time & Material Repairs
• Time & Material with a Do Not Exceed Amount
• Warranty Repairs
• Emergency Repairs 24/7/365
• Preventative Maintenance Repairs

We are experienced in repairing most types of roof systems on the market. Not only do we have excellent programs, but we also have excellent roofing technicians with the skill and training to make timely repairs to your roof to the specifications required for your type of roofing system.


Lets you know the life expectancy and the expected repairs, maintenance, and estimated replacement values for long-term planning and allocation of limited funds.


We also can provide other services such as HVAC, Plumbing, Flooring, Remodeling, Waterproofing and Exterior Services.


Infrared testing to determine the presence of wet insulation before a roof restoration or recovery can take place. We can also locate the cause of troublesome leaks.


We are experienced in scheduling and coordination of cost for new penetrations for tenant build-outs and HVAC additions.


A program based on the life cycle cost of the asset. Starting in the planning phase the asset’s life should be planned, well organized and budgeted to maximize your investment.


We are a division of E. Cornell Malone Corporation which is a leading Roofing Contractor for replacements and new construction throughout the Southeast.


We offer you the country’s leading commercial roof coatings, which can extend the life of a roof up to 12 years.

Roof restoration becomes an issue when the damage on the roof is already done. A great option for dealing with the roof restoration process is to apply a high-quality coating to the roof using manufactured roof coatings that fill, seal, and protect your roof from leaks, cracks, and other damage.

Applying superior roof coatings are a cost effective and simple solution to most of your roof restoration needs.

Restoration Services from Malone Roofing includes:

1. A complete Roof Condition Analysis to determine if your roof is a candidate.

2. A selected coating manufacturer to write the specifications for the system.

3. Thermal Imaging Moisture Survey.

4. Detailed manufactures warranty coverage with a post inspection and a contractor’s warranty.

5. All horizontal, ridge cap and edge seams, exposed fasteners and all penetrations re-flashed and made watertight.

6. A newly coated roof with a reflective coating to block UV rays.

7. Savings in energy cost associated with heating and cooling your building.

8. A Preventative Maintenance Program to assure coating is sustained.

Malone Roof Restoration Service is the best way to extend the life cycle of your rook so that any leaks not due to owner neglect will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for the enter term of the warranty.

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