Roof Repair and Roof Replacement in Mobile, AL

E.C. Malone Corporation is proud to be the leading roofing contractor in Mobile, Alabama. Businesses and homeowners alike trust Malone Roofing to deliver the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship by offering commercial and residential roof repairs, roof replacements, gutters & sheet metal fabrication, and installation of metal wall panels.

Letting a roof go unchecked for too long is likely to lead to unforeseen issues down the road like emergency leaks. An unresolved leak could end up costing thousands of dollars in damage to the interior of the building, the structural deck, and of course the roof system itself. We strongly urge our Mobile customers to have their roofs inspected for damage or signs of wear and tear on an annual or semi-annual basis. We know roof repair and replacement is the last thing on your mind – fortunately, Malone Roofing takes the work and worries out of it for you!

With our headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi, the E.C. Malone Corporation has expanded into Alabama to serve the folks in Mobile, AL more effectively. We are a multi-generation family-run business that built a reputation on honesty, hard work, and superior customer service and quality. We have your back when you need it most.

At Malone Roofing, our mission is to perform the highest level of quality roofing services, at fair, competitive prices. We achieve this through customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail, and service-minded attitudes.

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Commercial Roofing Company in Mobile, AL

Our commercial roofing services cover the full breadth of low slope and steep slope roofing including repairs, replacement, inspections, maintenance, and emergency service. Our crews are certified and trained to work on all commercial roof system types including TPO, BUR, PVC, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, as well as asphalt shingles and slate. When Mobile, Alabama businesses have a roof that’s over a decade old, it’s at least time to get an inspection and address any outstanding roof maintenance issues. We offer free roof inspections to provide you with a full snapshot of your roof’s health and a prescription for corrective action when repairs and other maintenance are necessary.

In addition, we offer routine maintenance programs to keep your roof performing at its best with little to no work on your part. Have you noticed water spots on the ceiling tiles? Or possibly a large build-up of leaves in your commercial building’s gutters and downspouts? These are signs that it’s time for some basic roof maintenance. When left untreated, small roofing issues only get more expensive in the future. Don’t waste time getting your roof checked for damage. Call Malone today for a free inspection!

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Residential Roofing Company in Mobile, AL

Mobile, AL homeowners are accustomed to bouts of inclement weather just like the rest of the southeast, but unfortunately being near the coast also has to contend with the harsh realities of hurricane season. Strong winds and torrential downpours can wreak havoc on a residential roofing system so we recommend having a roof inspection following a major storm to check for any damage.

Malone Roofing is a certified GAF Master Elite contractor with a local brick-and-mortar office located right here in Mobile, so we are the first to respond to homeowners in need of emergency roof repairs and replacements. We’re not like those door-knocking storm chasers that canvas a neighborhood after a storm, perform subpar repairs, get paid, and then get out of town as quickly as possible. Our staff is locally-based roofing professionals you can count on showing up to your call ready to provide the best solution possible to address your concerns.

Our award-winning service has earned us referral after referral from homeowners just like you who are looking for a local, trusted, and experienced professional roofing company. We hope to serve you soon as well!

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Preventative Roof Maintenance in Mobile, AL

At E.C. Malone Roofing we excel at serving building owners and property managers alike to properly service and maintain the commercial roofs on their shopping centers, office buildings, distribution warehouses, and multi-family properties like apartments, condominiums, and dormitories. We have developed a reputation as the property managers’ best friend because we go out of our way to make life easier for the ones in charge of property and building health.

Aside from delivering first-class commercial roof repairs, roof replacements, gutter & sheet metal fabrication work, and metal wall panel installation, we also offer annual and semi-annual preventive maintenance programs that ensure your roof is inspected and maintained multiple times per year, catching any minor corrective and preventative issues before they become serious ones later.

All too often we have seen the stress property managers experience when they delay taking action on their roof. A lack of preventative roof maintenance leads to emergency leak service requests at every thunderstorm which inevitably leads to premature failure of the roof. The problems multiply before their eyes and in no time the maintenance budget has been depleted if they even had one. Don’t be like those reactive property managers, have your business’s roof proactively inspected today, and ask us about our commercial preventive maintenance programs!

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Metal Wall Panel Installation in Mobile, AL

The Malone Wall Panel Division specializes in the custom fabrication and installation of aluminum composite metal panels, insulated panels, and single-skin panels for hospitals, car dealerships, schools, warehouses, and every industrial building type in between. With one of the most skilled workforces in the nation, Malone delivers excellent aluminum composite panels, insulated metal panels, single skin panels, custom sheet metal fabrication & cornices, sunshades, equipment screens, louvers, terracotta, and more.Looking for the right metal wall panel contractor for your next job?

Look no further than the Malone Wall Panel Division to help every step of the way from design, to fabrication, to installation. With hundreds of high-quality metal panel projects bearing our name, we’re confident that Malone Wall Panel Division is right for you!

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50 – Year Family Business

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Roof Replacements, Roof Repairs, Emergency Service, & Sheet Metal Fabrication

All roof types – TPO, PVC, EPDM, BUR, Modified Bitumen, Shingles, Metal, Slate, and Clay & Metal Tiles

We help you through the claims process and work with all insurance carriers

Why We Love Serving Mobile, AL

This is Our Story

Whether you love World War II era battleships or you must live in a city with one of the nation’s largest Mardi Gras celebrations, Mobile, Alabama is the place to be! Conveniently located where several major interstates intersect, Mobile is a great place to live, work, and raise your family. The Malone Roofing company built our office here years ago to better reach the businesses and families in southern Alabama and we are grateful to the community for letting us serve them!