The Malone Roofing Story


The name ‘Malone’ has been a fixture in the Southeastern roofing and construction industries for over 50 years. What began as a local Hattiesburg, Mississippi roofing outfit has developed into an award-winning regional commercial and residential roofing company, service and maintenance division, and metal wall panel operation.

From our namesake’s founder, Horace J Malone, to his son Cornell, all the way up to his sons and present Malone Roofing leaders Roman and Ryan, our business has been focused on continuously improving and putting to the homeowners and businesses across Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and the Florida Panhandle at the heart of everything we do.

If you live in Mississippi and haven’t heard of Malone Roofing, then you probably ‘don’t know roofing’ as the Malone team says light-heartedly these days. With a company reach of nearly 1,000 miles across the Southeastern United States and over 100 fleet vehicles on the road every day, it’s not particularly inaccurate.

With confident boasts aside, Malone Roofing and Metal Wall Panels know that they would not have gotten to where they are today without decades of hard work and the tenacity to continuously improve every year. The familial drive that began back in the middle of the 20th century still exists today and is further pushing the envelope.

Our commitment to developing innovative and resourceful ways of serving our local communities the best we can has led to our expansion across much of the Southeastern United States, now with offices in four states – with a reach to assist those even beyond. From routine roof replacements to overwhelming disaster relief, Malone Roofing is proud to answer the call 24/7/365.

A Mississippi Roofing Story

The Malone story begins with Horace J Malone, a Hattiesburg, Mississippi native who along with his wife Claudia “Tupie,” emerged from the hardships of the Great Depression with the drive and passion to take control of their future and create opportunity for their large, combined families and communities.

After starting a professional career working for Lamar advertising, Horace teamed up with another Hattiesburg local, a prominent businessman named Coda Ray Pace, and opened Hub Sheet Metal, operating it from the late 1940s into the ‘50s. They had a lot of success running the shop, but in 1959 Horace wanted to expand his offerings and purchased a nearby roofing company, changing the name to Malone Roofing and Sheet Metal, and re-focused on residential roofing for Hattiesburg residents.

Hardly satisfied with his accomplishments, Horace further expanded the companies’ services into commercial roofing and planned to bring in his sons Cornell and Charles to learn the family business. In 1971 Cornell finished school at the University of Southern Mississippi and decided to set out on his own entrepreneurial endeavor. He and his brother Charles left the family business in 1973 with their father’s support to begin Hattiesburg Roofing and Sheet Metal. Horace, who was suffering an illness at the time, promised to recover and help his son’s business. He did just that and proudly watched his children step onto their own.

Always Innovating – Never Satisfied

He did just that and proudly watched his children step onto their own.

In 1983, after a decade of experimenting to get the right formula, Cornell Malone started fresh again with E Cornell Malone Corporation, the name that has lasted for the last 40 years!

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, E Cornell Malone Corporation experienced exponential growth by staying up to date with modern roofing techniques and business practices. In 1982, the company reroofed a shopping mall in New Orleans that was over 100,000 square feet, the largest project at that time for the company. The following year they received their first Firestone Contractor Appreciation Award, which was the official badge of industry excellence.

During this time, the roofing industry was shifting from tar-based applications to plastics and rubber, such as TPO and PVC. Cornell, never one to be afraid of trying the latest advancements in roofing, credits this courageousness for helping fuel the success the company was having throughout Hattiesburg and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Malone Roofing name had already begun to gain traction in the region, and in 1991 they launched a satellite office in Jackson, MS to begin setting their sights on outward expansion. In 1995, Cornell bought the company that his father used to own, Hub Sheet Metal and Roofing, and incorporated sheet metal into the Malone business. While in college his son Roman Malone introduced the business to the technology known as Microsoft Excel, and operational procedures improved dramatically. (Cornell even took an Excel course at Pearl River Community College later that year to train himself!)

The Desire To Help

In 1998, Roman and Ryan Malone began working full-time at EC Malone Corp, working through multiple positions to soak in as much knowledge about the roofing industry as possible. In 2000, Cornell and his sons decided to double down on their commitment to expanding their reach and established a permanent office in Jackson. Shortly afterward, in 2003, Malone seized an opportunity to open another permanent location in the city of Pensacola to better offer maintenance and repair services to the coastal businesses and multi-family properties of northern Florida.

In just a year, the company would realize how this timely expansion would offer much-needed support to those nearby.

EC Malone Corp was steadily growing roofing and metal services throughout the early new millennium, but it wasn’t until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast that the need for a completely new service was realized. Malone Roofing Services, LLC was born out of the necessity to protect the property of the locals in the region that were devastated by the powerful storms earlier that year. Now Malone had the ability to help dry-up and repair the roofs of three times as many customers, creating a force that stood ready in times of disaster.

At Malone, we don’t claim

“We’re Mississippi’s No. 1 Roofer”,


Throughout the 2000’s E Cornell Malone Corp, Malone Roofing Services, and the Metal Wall Panel Division have grown to become “Malone Roofing, Metal Walls, and Maintenance,” a company with six permanent offices, employing over 200 people in the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida.

As Malone Roofing, Metal Walls, and Maintenance have grown, so have our efforts behind the scenes. In 50 years of experience, we’ve seen just how much attention to detail and expertise is needed to deliver watertight roofing solutions that are built to last. We’ve also seen how rarely those standards can be upheld in the industry… Malone is committed to employing and developing the most qualified and experienced roofers in the region while investing in our people with training and leadership programs.

Our mission has been to develop a culture of excellence, where everyone on our team works with pride, grit, and determination to satisfy our customers beyond their expectations. When a client works with Malone, we want them to feel like they have gotten first-class service at an outstanding value.

We’re proud to receive recognition for the work we do for our clients in commercial roofing and with metal wall panels, earning awards from our vendors and their respective quality programs year after year.

From the very beginning, the Malone family has felt strongly about giving back to the communities that we are proud to serve. Whether it’s helping organize youth sports teams, hunting trips for kids with disabilities, or donating to charities that benefit children’s hospitals and ministries, Malone has always found a way to share a positive, uplifting experience with our neighbors and their families.

Today, the company is still helmed by Cornell as the CEO, while his sons Roman and Ryan serve as President, and Vice President respectively. If the past is any sign of the future for Malone Roofing, Metal Walls, and Maintenance, there will not be any diversion from the hard work ethic and family values that have propelled the roofing company so far. Now, with 50 years of commercial and residential roofing experience in the rearview mirror, the Malone’s have their sights set on the next generation of roofing experts, and the next 50 years.