Roof leaks never happen at a good time for businesses and homeowners. However, they still need to be dealt with right away to prevent even worse damage from occurring!

Roof leaks happen when a part of the roof has been compromised, and rain water is allowed to seep in through the roof, saturating the decking, structure, and the ceilings and walls of a building.

When left unresolved, leaks invite even more nasty damage like mold, rot, and odors into the structure that are guaranteed to cause more expensive damages over time, and even a full roof replacement.

Residential and commercial roof leak repairs can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, making them one of the more costly issues that homeowners and property owners will have to deal with.

Malone Roofing has you covered when it comes to speedy roof leak service and repairs in Jackson, Hattiesburg, Birmingham, Mobile, Baton Rouge, and Pensacola and their surrounding areas!

Signs you Need Leak Repair Service

When your roof is suffering from leaks, you’ll begin to see signs on your property. If you can visibly see the effects of damage on your roof, the fear is that there could be more lying under the surface of the roof. That’s why you need to act fast.

Be on the lookout for the following examples and be ready to call your trusted roofer for emergency roof leak repair.

● Spots/stains on ceiling/walls
● Water dripping from ceiling onto floor
● Missing shingles or other roof materials like flashings
● Splits seams on low-slope roof systems
● Ponding water prevalent on flat surfaces

Are Any of the Above Symptoms Showing on Your Roof?
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What to do When You Find a Roof Leak

Residential and commercial roof leak repair will be necessary to fix worrisome leaks, but there are some things you can do to mitigate damages before a professional roofing company arrives.

● Try to minimize damage quickly and safely
● Catch water in buckets if you can
● Soak up water to avoid slip hazards, cordon off the leak affected area
● Call a professional roofing contractor like Malone Roofing to come assess the extent of the damage and begin making repairs

Our professional advice to not try to fix the leaks yourself!

Besides being dangerous work, roofing requires polished skills to be done correctly, and the work of a home or business owner could put the roof at risk of voiding the roof warranty.

When you start to see signs of roof leaks, call the experts at Malone Roofing immediately. We only send the most experienced roofing technicians to inspect and evaluate your roof, helping determine the best course of action for your property and your budget. When in doubt, call Malone!

Roof Leak Repair Costs

Knowing exactly how much a roof leak repair cost will be is hard to do without having more information about the current state of the damage. At Malone Roofing, we know that leak repairs will certainly cost less than a full roof replacement, so be sure to act fast!

Costs will vary depending on whether the property is residential or commercial, if the roof is flat or steep sloped, how widespread the roof leaks are, and how invasive the damage is.

Steep roofs and roofs that are difficult to reach and perform work on tend to cost more than more easily accessible low slope roofs. But the scope of the damage will most likely be the largest factor in determining the price of the leak repair cost.

Roof repairs could range from a few hundred dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the damage and the type of roof they are on.

Ultimately you’ll want to talk to a trusted and experienced roofing contractor to help determine the best solution for your roof.

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