Commercial roof maintenance is necessary to ensure a roof is prepared to function properly for decades. Maintenance visits completed by a trusted, local roofing company keep the roof in proper working order, remedy minor problems, and protect property managers from sudden and costly repairs. 

Malone Roofing has you covered with scheduled preventative roof maintenance that is guaranteed to delight customers across the Southeast. We’ve been delivering first-class commercial roof maintenance service to the businesses of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and the Florida Panhandle for over 20 years.

From minor repairs to seasonal debris removal, trust Malone’s commercial roof maintenance to keep your roof lasting longer and reduce unplanned repairs!


Malone Roofing Services, LLC (“MRS”) is a sister company of E. Cornell Malone Corp. MRS was created to be an independent company that specializes in roof and property maintenance and restorations.

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Roofing Estimates

Body: We take pride in every single roof that we install and when it’s completed, we are happy to share pictures of our quality work with you.

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Filing a roof insurance claim involves a series of steps that can be overwhelming for property owners. Malone Roofing’s expertise and dedication to customer service make the process smoother for both commercial and residential clients. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the payment you deserve for your roofing damage.

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Roof Financing

We understand a roof is a necessity, which is why we offer financing to alleviate the stress of repairing your home.

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Emergency Roofing Service

Your roof is the foundation of your home or place of business. That’s why it’s important to hire the right roofing company – one that provides fast service during an emergency, and quality products that ensure your roof lasts.

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Don’t Risk Severe Damage To Your Roof

Letting your commercial roof go unchecked for long periods is a recipe for disaster. Neglected roofs can result in serious problems affecting the roof’s condition, such as roof deterioration, ponding water, and gutters clogged with debris, resulting in the need for emergency repair service.

Accelerated wear and tear brought on by neglect can degrade your roof and leave it susceptible to sudden and costly damages, wrecking annual maintenance budgets and causing serious headaches for property managers.

When advanced issues arise like heavy leaks, it can disrupt daily business operations, eventually resulting in lost revenues. Additionally, the financial burden of repairing damages such as these increases with time – once a roof starts to deteriorate, each passing month of rain, hail, and wind will cause more damage than before.

This is a major concern for property managers and business owners, as a roof can lose its warranty coverage if not taken care of properly. Loss of warranty coverage can lead to severe out-of-pocket costs that cause considerable strain on most businesses.

Malone Roofing urges commercial property owners and managers to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your roof is covered and maintained by the largest and most trusted commercial roofing company in Mississippi.

What is Included in Commercial Roof Maintenance?

We believe in going above and beyond so that our customers are prepared for anything Mother Nature throws their way. We often experience severe weather here in the Southeast United States, so we’ve developed maintenance plans that are guaranteed to help protect your investment from sudden leaks, roof failures, rot, clogged gutters, and ponding water, and much more.

Just like going to the doctor for a checkup, customers need to know the current condition of their entire roof system so that they can make the most informed decisions regarding repairs and replacements. The key to routine maintenance is to perform minor repairs and touch-ups so that severe repairs or replacements are unnecessary.

Our maintenance specialists will fully document the condition of your roof, complete with photos and notes, to keep our customers as informed as possible.

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After your initial inspection, our expertly trained team member will develop a list of suggestions, if any, to present to the customer in the event of needs that must be addressed outside of regularly scheduled maintenance:

  • Debris is removed from the roof to minimize the risk of roof membrane penetrations and damage. 
  • Gutters are cleaned and sealed up as needed to prevent ponding water and saturation damage.
  • Roof drains are inspected for blockages and damage, and cleared of any debris that can cause back-ups and water damage. 

Effective Plans at Every Budget

No matter your budget, Malone has a plan for your business’s commercial roof maintenance!

Talk with one of our professional service providers today and we’ll work with you to implement a plan that not only is nice to your roof, but sweet on your budget as well.

Whether it’s once a year or every month, roofing maintenance is the solution that will keep your business secure and dry for years to come!

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