At Malone Roofing, one of the most common questions we get from our customers is ‘how much is my new roof going to cost?’ We understand that folks want to get to the point and determine how much a roof repair or replacement will impact their budget.

As the Southeast’s premier roofing company, Malone is dedicated to offering the most straightforward, hassle-free roofing estimates to our residential and commercial customers. In our 50 years of experience, we’ve perfected the science for optimal roof inspections and estimating process that is guaranteed to deliver the best value roof to our clients, no matter their budget.

We’re committed to transparency and honesty at every step of the way with our clients, and we go the extra mile to break down exactly what you get and what you’re paying for when you hire Malone Roofing for your roofing needs.

While we all know a sound roof system is necessary for a safe and secure home or business, it doesn’t mean everyone will love the total price of the job. That’s why Malone Roofing offers multiple options, when available, to customers who want a little more control over their roof repairs or replacement. There is typically a reliable roof at most price points, and we work closely with our customers to arrive at the best value roofing solutions that meet their needs and their budget.

What Is A Free Roof Estimate?

Part of our dedication to creating an open and honest relationship with our clients is helping them understand exactly what their needs are and what they can expect. A free roof estimate is made after one of our expert roofing technicians performs a full roof inspection, meticulously documenting the overall condition of the roof and any areas for improvement or concern.

After this in-depth assessment, we’ll provide a thorough breakdown of the likely costs related to your roofing project, including materials, labor, and any other potential expenses. From the estimate, our customers can see a line-by-line summary of the primary actions that need to be taken in order to get their roof in perfect working order. We often include a couple of different price points that would feature a range of choice options that impact the overall cost of the roof for the clients discretion.

For qualified customers, this estimate is free of charge and usually good for a set period of time that clients can expect to discuss with their Malone representative. Once you have a free roofing estimate from Malone Roofing, the ball is in your court! A comprehensive roof estimate is an ideal starting point for planning and executing any roof repairs or full roof replacements.

Malone Roof Estimation

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What Is The Free Roofing Estimate Process?

Malone Roofing has tailored a process that is both thorough and customer-friendly. When you call on us to help with your roofing project, we work closely with you to ensure you get the best possible value.

1. Comprehensive Roof Inspection: A Malone roofing expert will arrive on-site and conduct a thorough inspection of the entire roof, checking for signs of wear and tear, problem areas, structural integrity, and the overall state of your roof. Here, we also identify any additional work that may need to be done to deliver a sound roofing solution.
2. Itemized Cost Estimation: Upon completion of the roof inspection, we’ll provide a line-by-line cost estimation to the customer. This estimate will include the costs of materials, labor, and any additional costs. When economy or premium upgrades are available, a separate ‘tier’ price will be shown as well.
3. Estimate Review: Once the estimate is prepared and ready to share, our team will sit with the client to walk through each step, clarify any confusion, and answer questions. Once a package is agreed upon, we’ll be set to move forward with your roofing project!

How Much Does A Roof Cost? Factors To Consider

Not all roofs are created equally. There are several key elements that will influence the price of your roofing project. Helping our customers understand the impact of these factors is important to Malone Roofing’s commitment to transparency in all that we do.

Here are the 5 main factors that determine the price of roof repairs and replacements.

Roof Size: the overall size of your roof directly impacts the cost of your roof replacement or repairs. Larger commercial roofs require more materials and larger labor force, resulting in higher costs than that of a typical single-family residential roof.

Roof Pitch or Roof Slope: the pitch of your roof, if there is one, can significantly affect the cost of your roof. Steeper roofs may require additional safety equipment, special safety measures, and typically require more time to install, which leads to higher labor costs.

Accessibility: If your business or home is difficult to access, or if there are obstacles in the way (think many HVAC units on top of an apartment building, or powerline overhead) then the total cost of a project can increase.

Height of the Roof: The taller the roof, the more challenging it will be to work on in, and additional safety measures will have to be implemented. Often re-roofing tall buildings will require special techniques to complete, resulting in increased costs.

Materials Used: Choice of materials are a leading cost-driver in roofing projects. Depending on the options a customer may choose, the price of the roof may increase or decrease. A great example of this is the choice between a standard ‘3-tab’ asphalt shingle and a Ultra HD premium shingle for a residential home. The former is one of the more affordable options while the Ultra HD is a top-rated product.

Why Choose Malone? 

For over 50 years Malone Roofing has been the top choice for residential and commercial roofing in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and the Florida panhandle. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality roofing solutions to the fine people we call our neighbors and give more attention to detail than anyone else in the business.

With six offices across the Southeast in Jackson, Hattiesburg, Birmingham, Mobile, Baton Rouge, and Pensacola, we have more reach and more resources to better serve you than the average roofer.

When it comes to making decisions about the structural integrity of your property, don’t take an unnecessary risk – contact Malone and get it done right the first time!


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