Airbus Manufacturing Facility, Mobile, AL

Airbus and the State of Alabama have teamed up to deliver a comprehensive aerospace and education center in Mobile known to the public as Flight Works Alabama.

E. Cornell Malone Corporation’s metal wall panel division was entrusted with the opportunity to clad with wall panels a unique facility which serves as the starting point for tours of the Airbus A320 manufacturing facility.

According to, Flight Works Alabama’s 15,000 square foot facility houses over 40 hands-on exhibits, a classroom, workshop, fabrication room, drone aviary, and more.

Malone furnished and installed 6,300 square foot of 39 3/8″ 400 V Wave 3″ thick horizontal insulated Metal Wall Panels, 4,100 square foot vertical wall panels 42″ 300R – 3″ thick, 1,000 square feet of 42″ Horizontal 2″ thick metal insulated wall panels, and 1,500 square feet of 42″ insulated soffit panels 2″ thick.

The project began on December 4, 2019 and was completed in February 14, 2020. Furthermore, we worked throughout the project from man lifts with zero safety issues.

At Malone, we are excited to improve our communities every day. With the completion of Flight Works Alabama, we are thrilled to help launch a facility that will have “a long-term impact on education and workforce development for the Gulf Coast and beyond.