Ridgeland, MS

According to Horne LLP’s website, Horne “is a team of dedicated accounting, tax and advisory professionals.”

A team as distinguished as Horne was looking to build a facility to match their pedigree, and E. Cornell Malone Corporation was honored to work on the prestigious Horne Ridgeland location that stands as a state-of-the-art masterpiece of innovation and progress on the Highland Colony Parkway.

Malone seized upon this amazing opportunity to not only feature the talents of our metal wall panel division but also highlighted our commercial roofing expertise as well. The project included a fully-adhered TPO roof system.

Prior to starting the roof, Malone had to make sure that all penetrations and parapet walls were built so that our team could properly install the roof efficiently.

Malone loose laid 2-layers of 2″ Poly-ISO, mechanically fastened a 1/4″ primed gypsum board, and fully-adhered a Firestone 60mil TPO “white”. On the lower section above the conference center we installed a 1/4″ tapered system with a 4″ minimum, 1/4″ primed gypsum board, and adhered a “Gray” Firestone 60mil TPO.

Malone roofers used safety lines and harnesses at all areas where the parapet walls were less than 36″ tall. The majority of the parapets were tall enough that safety flagging was not necessary. There were two outer eye brows and lower canopies that did not have a parapet or had low parapet walls so Malone had to use safety harnesses and ropes.

Transitioning from the roof to the walls, The Malone metal wall panel division’s scope of work really delivered the “WOW” factor to this project.

The Malone team furnished and installed 19,350 square feet of 4 mm FR core Alpolic ACM wall panels (1,200 panels), 10,000 linear feet of .032 aluminum flashings, 2,600 square feet of Morin MX 1.0 single skin wall panels, 2,500 square feet of Petersen aluminum .032 Flush and perforated soffit panels, 800 square feet of extruded longboard woodgrain soffit material, and Construction Specialties model 200-4 horizontal line aluminum extruded sunshade screen.

All of the ACM panels and flashings were fabricated by E. Cornell Malone Corporation as the project spanned from a mockup date of March 8, 2019, with flashings starting in April 8, 2019, and roof screen wall starting on June 11, 2019.

The panel installation began on July 10, 2019 and was completed in January of 2020. The team worked out of man lifts with proper tie off throughout the entire project.

The Horne Building stands as a bright shining example as to the volume and vast scope of roofing and metal wall panel installation that E. Cornell Malone Corporation is able to handle.