How Much Does A Roof Cost In Mississippi?

Planning for a new roof installation is a significant undertaking for homeowners and businesses alike. Understanding the multitude of factors affecting the cost is crucial for budgeting and setting realistic expectations. The first question our neighbors here in Jackson and Hattiesburg have is ‘how much does a new roof cost in Mississippi?”
In this guide, we’ll cover the basics from material cost, labor, warranties, and even ways for clients to save on their new roof replacement.

As the premier roofing company in Jackson MS, we’ve installed just about every kind of roof there is for single-family homeowners and commercial properties alike, including restaurants, factories, apartments and condominiums, government buildings, retail stores, and much more.

With the sheer number of people living in the south and the near constant severe weather we have, there’s always a roof in need of being replaced. Whether it’s hail, wind, hurricane, or tornado damage, Mississippi roofing companies like Malone Roofing have seen it all, and we have all the resources necessary to get folks back in the dry and protected from the next storm.

Over the years, we’ve developed a reliable pricing range that we use when quoting customers roof replacement. Read below to get a better idea of how a professional roofing company like Malone Roofing determines roofing costs for residential and commercial clients.

Factors That Influence Roofing Costs

There are dozens of factors that ultimately determine the cost of a roof replacement. However, when gauging what a commercial or residential roof may cost, there are five main attributes that we look at to get a better picture.

Roof Size (surface area): how much surface area does the roof cover? Most roofing contractors in Mississippi like Malone Roofing will refer to the size in ‘squares’, which is a 10’ by 10’ area – or 100 square feet. Remember, that areas of a roof where the decking and shingles overhang the perimeter of the structure are included in square footage.

Accessibility: how difficult is the roof to access by a construction crew? With harder to reach roofs there are more safety precautions to take by the roofing team, resulting in longer production times and higher costs. A single-story building with a simple ladder access will be less costly than a 3-level roof of the same size.

Number of Facets: Is the roof busy or not? A roof with a lot of facets will have many protrusions and therefore make a roof replacement a more labor-intensive job. Installing roofing around facets and ensuring watertight seals requires more skill and focus than applying long and wide rolls of single-ply roofing or large, flat squares of architectural shingles.

Ventilation: Will the new roof require new ventilation? This is typically a residential consideration. Installing roofing ventilation such as ridge vent has become commonplace in the roofing industry. It allows for better flow of air throughout the inside of the roof, preventing soaring indoor temperatures and blistering roofs. If a roof has not been prepared for ridge vent, there can be extra costs associated with a replacement.

Coastal Properties: Locales close to the ocean, like the Gulf of Mexico often have to make specific preparations when replacing a commercial or residential roof. Properties often require ice and water shields to prevent damage caused from excessive moisture, especially around valleys and decking.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Residential Roof In Mississippi?

For a standard architectural shingle roof, the base cost of a roof starts at $3 per square foot and can reach up to $8 per square foot depending on the other factors featured above. This cost includes roofing materials, labor, and standard warranties.

You may be wondering, ‘how can there be such a wide price range for roofing costs?’ Below are a couple of scenarios that should help paint the full picture, making considerations of the aforementioned factors that influence standard roofing costs.

For example, consider a home in central Mississippi that is a single-story ranch style house with one chimney, and relatively easy access to a roof replacement crew. A roof like this would cost closer to $3 per square foot due to the relative ease of the project. However, there can be unforeseen costs that are discovered along the way – such as rotten decking that needs replacement – but otherwise this is a simple roof.

Now consider a Mississippi home closer to Biloxi, that is three stories tall, with a steep pitched roof, with no previous ventilation, that has multiple protrusions, and is difficult to access. Due to these circumstances the roof may end up closer to the $8 per square foot price since access is harder and there is a need for increased safety measures.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Commercial Roof In Mississippi?

Commercial properties, such as businesses with flat or low-sloped roofs using a standard roofing material such as TPO or PVC, can cost anywhere from $5 per square foot up to $26 per square foot. We know what you’re thinking, that’s a fairly large range!

The truth is, there are often more factors to consider when determining the cost of a commercial roof replacement than for a typical single-family home.

Recover: $5 – $8 per square foot. A standard ‘recover’ is a roof that is installed over an existing roof system. This is usually done when a client is looking for a cost-effective way to give their property a new watertight surface that will protect them from the elements. Recovers have pros and cons to them, but they are usually the simplest form of re-roofing for commercial properties.

Full Tear Off: Add $3 – $6 per square foot. This is where the roofer will completely remove the previous roof and install a new one. There are considerably more costs to tearing-off and removing the old roof, mainly including labor and disposal costs.

Non-Nailable “Adhered” Decks: Add $3 – $6 per square foot. Roofs that are adhered to when installed require more labor and materials than a nailable deck. The process moves more slowly than a crew that can quickly nail down and seal large areas of commercial roofing at one time.

Insulation Requirements: Add $3 – $6 per square foot. There’s an additional cost for roofs in areas that require insulation with an R value of 20 or more. The material and labor cost make this extra fee, but the insulation goes a long way in protecting the property and reducing energy costs.

Warranties And Their Impact on Costs

The length of a roof’s warranty can have a sizable impact on the lifetime cost of a roof. A new roof with a 25-year warranty might cost more upfront than one with a 10 year warranty, but it provides longer protection against defects and can save significant repair costs over time. Regardless of the length of the warranty a client chooses, a roof warranty is essential to protecting the buyer from defects and improper installation.

Warranties may seem costly up front, but they can do wonders to alleviate unforeseen roof costs in the future. Malone Roofing suggests that homeowners and commercial property managers budget for at least a 25 – year warranty, which can cost thousands of dollars in most cases.

Deductibles and Insurance

Ever find yourself asking “does my homeowners insurance cover roof leaks?” Malone Roofing has staff dedicated to helping policyholders with what their insurance will and will not cover.

Residential homeowners most likely have a policy that requires the policy holder to pay a deductible, but under a good insurance policy a majority of roof replacement cost should be covered by insurance.

Malone knows how to get insurance to pay for roof replacement costs that may be covered under a policy but missed by an untrained eye. We have a team that will help you with the process of filing a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage.

However, most policies only cover a replacement of a roof of equal value, so any upgrades will either have to be negotiated by Malone’s insurance team or paid out of pocket by the customer.

Opportunities To Save

As you can probably see by now, there are many factors that can cause for a roof replacement to get expensive. While roof replacements are necessary, they still come with substantial costs. Fortunately, there are some opportunities for home and business owners to save costs when installing that won’t compromise on quality.

Programs like the Fortified Roof Program help businesses and homeowners in areas that are at high-risk for wind damage. Grants from local municipalities will help them get their roof partially paid for, helping offset potential future costs due to extreme storm damage.

Reusing gutters, flashings, and other small vents rather than replacing them are a way for homeowners to take small, but impactful savings on a new roof replacement.

Installing solar panels is a great way to mitigate some total costs for homes and businesses. The panels have upfront costs, but their savings, and potential rebates from government initiatives can greatly help recoup costs and lower bills in the long run.

Ultimately, if you take action quickly and address leaks immediately. You can save significant costs on a full roof replacement. While there are some programs that can alleviate the burden of replacing a roof, nothing beats staying on top of routine maintenance!

It All Depends On Your Unique Situation, Let Malone Help!

The cost of a new roof in Mississippi will come down to a mixture of all the factors listed above. There’s no blog on any website that can completely and accurately determine how much your roof replacement cost will be, so talk to an expert to get a clearer picture.

Malone Roofing has been giving our clients exceptional roofing solutions for over 50 years. Our team is eager to help our neighbors estimate a price for their roof and then work hard delivering craftsmanship that we’re proud of.
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