How To Tell If Your Roof Has Hail Damage

What is Hail? 

Hail storms are a part of life for most southerners, but they’re a major thorn in the side of every property owner. It starts in thunderstorms when droplets of rain get swept up into the colder parts of the cloud, turning into ice. These chunks of ice, or hailstones, grow by colliding with more droplets, forming layers and growing to various sizes.

Eventually, the hailstones get heavy enough that gravity pulls them down to the Earth’s surface. When they hit the ground, their impact can range from a benign tap to causing serious havoc on cars, roofs, and people unfortunate enough to be caught outside during a hail storm. It’s a fascinating and incredibly inconvenient natural phenomenon!

What does Hail Damage Look Like?

A hail-damaged roof is a scary scenario for homeowners and commercial property managers alike. Hail degrades the roof’s integrity (and ruins the appearance of a pristine roof) and makes it easier for water to get in and wreak havoc on the roof membrane, causing leaks and rot.

On shingles, hail damage looks like someone had a bit too much fun with a hammer – you’ll see distinct, usually circular, dents or bruises, often with cracked or missing granules that leave the underlying mat exposed.

As for commercial flat roof systems, hail damage is less about aesthetics and more about functionality. Hail can puncture or fray the material, leading to leaks. After a hail storm you can see that the surface membrane has been chipped away in spots, making it vulnerable to water seepage.

Hail damage can often be seen from the ground, helping property owners identify when they need to take action without risking the danger of taking a closer look on a ladder themselves.

It’s important to immediately take note of when a hail storm has occurred in your area, and to schedule a roof inspection with a roofer like Malone Roofing so they can help you start the process of repairs and insurance claims.

What To Do When You Have a Hail Damaged Roof

The first thing a property owner or manager should do when they become aware of hail damage to the roof is take action and call an expert roofer, like Malone Roofing. Unaddressed hail damage can lead to serious issues, such as water leaks, which can cause mold, structural damage, and reduced insulation efficiency.

Yes, the external appearance of your property will suffer from hail first, but the structural integrity of your home or business is what ultimately will fail over time.

Here at Malone Roofing, we strongly advise against property owners or managers attempting to climb on damaged roofs themselves. A team of professional roofers will have the necessary tools and skills to assess and repair hail damage effectively, so you don’t have to worry about falling off a ladder.

Professional roofers are equipped with the right protective gear and have the expertise to navigate repair and replacement projects safely.

Roof Damage Insurance Claims for Hail

When you’re dealing with hail damage, having an expert roofer like Malone Roofing by your side can make all the difference. We start by helping you spot the hail damage and then schedule a comprehensive inspection.

In the right circumstances, hail damage roofing companies will guide you through the often tricky roof damage insurance claim process. You’ll want to remember when the storm hit to match it with weather records and provide evidence for your claim.

Companies like Malone have our own insurance pros who work exclusively for our customers who can handle the claim for you. They make sure all damage is accurately documented and know how to get insurance to pay for your roof replacement or repairs when it’s appropriate.

Once you’ve navigated the process and your insurance company gives the green light, we get straight to fixing your roof!

Protect Your Property from Hail Damage

There’s no better way to protect your property from hail damage than with a solid preventative maintenance program.

Regular inspections and maintenance help identify potential vulnerabilities and issues before they become major problems. Scheduling a skilled roofing professional to inspect and repair minor damages, ensure proper drainage, and replace worn materials is your best bet to extend the life of your roof.

By staying proactive with your roof’s health, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of suffering hail damage and the costly repairs that follow.

Want to learn more about how to protect your business’s roof with preventative maintenance? Call Malone today!

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