How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take?

Plan Your Residential and Commercial Roof Replacement With These Scheduling Estimates

Preparing for a residential or commercial roof replacement can be stressful for homeowners and property managers alike, as there are undoubtedly questions revolving around expectations, construction timelines, and potential disruptions to daily life and business operations. Residential and commercial roof replacements can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months from the planning phase to the completion phase, depending on certain variables like material availability, construction crew scheduling, weather, and the complexity of the roof being replaced.

We understand that every property is different, and there can be unforeseen circumstances that pop up. However, we’ve developed a reliable timeline for most residential and commercial roof replacement projects so you can better prepare for ‘new roof day’ at your home or business!

Residential Roof Replacement Timeline

The timeline below covers the stages and their durations for most residential roof replacements.

Total Time: Approximately 2-4 weeks from initial consultation to completion.

● Initial Consultation and Estimate: 1-2 days
● Material Selection and Ordering: 3-5 days
● Permitting: 1-2 weeks (this can vary depending on local regulations)
● Preparation and Staging: 1-2 days
● Roof Replacement: 1-3 days
● Inspection and Final Touches: 1-2 days

Fortunately for homeowners, residential roof replacements are fairly straightforward. Once the decision to replace the roof has been made, a Malone specialist will meet with the homeowner to discuss desired material options, develop a plan for the day of the build, and then commence the roof replacement on the scheduled date.

Depending on availability of materials and the preference of the homeowner, it can take a few days to have new roof materials on site and ready to go. However, once everything is delivered and staged, a residential roof replacement is often completed in one day!

Factors That Can Affect a Residential Roof Replacement Timeline

There are some circumstances that can delay the construction of a new roof outside of material and labor availability that homeowners will want to be careful to consider.

Weather and complexity of the roof. Let’s dive in.

Weather: Inclement weather such as rain can delay the project before it begins or in the middle of a replacement. In these cases, Malone Roofing is careful to prep a partially exposed roof for minimal rainfall so that a passing storm does not cause lasting damage to the property.

Complexity of the Roof: Steeper or more complex roof shapes may require additional time. Compared to a single-story ranch home with a single pitch, a complex and hard to reach roof will almost certainly take a little longer to replace. Malone Roofing is experienced in replacing every shape and size of roof, fortunately, and complex roofs are still often completed within 1-2 days.

Commercial Roof Replacement Timeline

Malone’s estimated timelines for commercial replacements are below:

● Initial Consultation and Estimate: 1 week
● Material Selection and Ordering: 1-2 weeks
● Permitting: 2-4 weeks (this can vary depending on local regulations and the complexity of the project)
● Preparation and Staging: 1 week
● Roof Replacement: 1 week to over 6 months (depending on the size of the project and the other factors listed below)
● Inspection and Final Touches: 1 week

Total Time: Approximately 6-12 weeks from initial consultation to completion.

A full commercial roof replacement can be quite different from a residential one. Commercial roofs are usually covered in different types of materials than single-family homes, and the crews that work on them require experience specific to low-slope roofing systems.

Additionally, there are more decision makers involved in the commercial process, as well as a list of daily business operation considerations to manage that make commercial roofing projects take longer.

Factors That Can Affect Commercial Timelines

Just like with residential roofs, there are factors that can significantly affect the timelines of a commercial roof replacement. While some are the same, the time in which they affect the construction process can be considerably longer based on these 4 factors:

● Weather
● Size and Complexity
● Materials
● Building Accessibility

Let’s dive in.

Weather: The same weather conditions that can throw off a residential roof replacement schedule will impact a commercial project as well. Rain, wind, and snow, are all events that can delay a roof replacement, especially if large portions of the existing roof will remain exposed for long periods of time.

Size and Complexity: Larger roofs will take longer to replace simply due to the fact that they cover more area and require more materials. Often commercial roofs are replaced in sections by a single crew, where one section of roof is removed and fully replaced before moving on to another section.

Type of Roofing Material: Some materials may require additional time for installation. From TPO, to PVC, EPDM, ballasted roofs, and more, each material has a unique installation method that can increase project times. For example, mechanically fastened roofs tend to be installed faster than an adhered roofing system that requires time for adhesives to bond.

Building Accessibility: Limited access to commercial roof surfaces can extend the timeline considerably. Building height, as well as difficulties accessing the roof can require the production crews to take additional safety precautions. Material staging and transport are some other considerations that can slow down the process on tall and difficult commercial roofs.

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